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DUI or DWI charges are some of the worst charges you can get as a motorist. These charges often attract hefty fines not just in Florida, but in other states as well. To have your case properly handled and possibly reduce your charges, you will need either Lakeland DUI attorneys or Lakeland DWI attorneys depending on the charge. Once you talk with one of our DWI lawyers in Lakeland FL or our Lakeland DUI Lawyers you will understand the charges better and know what to expect next.

Penalties for a First-Time DUI Conviction

As much as DUI attorneys in Lakeland FL do not advise you to admit guilt, know there are some of penalties that come with DUI charges. If the court finds you guilty, the common penalty is license suspension for six months. Our DUI lawyers in Lakeland FL will try to keep the case from getting to that point, but sometimes the evidence can be overwhelming.

DWI attorneys in Lakeland FL also expect the client will end up doing 50 hours of community service if found guilty. Depending on the judge, you will likely have to attend DUI school, have a supervised probation period, and/or fines after conviction.

Let our Lakeland DUI attorneys fight your Drunk Driving Charges

The first step to fighting drunk driving charges is to have experienced Lakeland DUI lawyers and Lakeland DWI lawyers on your side. If your lawyers can prove insufficient evidence, then the prosecutor might have to drop the charges. Also, the DWI lawyers in Lakeland FL are essential to help keep the charges to a minimum in the event the charges are not dropped. With a competent lawyer and evidence available, sometimes the charges can be reduced from DUI to reckless driving.

We Help Even Those with Difficult Cases

Knowing what is at stake you can see how hiring one of our Lakeland DWI attorneys or Lakeland DUI attorneys is essential in making sure you are properly represented. Hire our experienced attorneys to fight such serious charges.

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