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If you are a commercial driver who is facing consequences for a drunk driving arrest, you need the help of our Indianapolis DUI attorneys.

Many commercial drivers do not realize that moving violations obtained in their personal vehicles can impact their ability to maintain their CDL. Indianapolis DWI attorneys can help you protect your livelihood — and your future — by providing you with the information you need to make the best possible legal decisions.

Without the help of Indianapolis DUI lawyers, you could end up having your license revoked, meaning that you have to endure the entire application process from the very beginning. Instead of taking that risk, enlist the help of our Indianapolis DWI lawyers.

How Indianapolis DUI attorneys can help you avoid harsher penalties

Our Indianapolis DWI attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your case and determine the best course of action for your needs. In some instances, your Indianapolis DWI lawyers may recommend that you plead guilty and accept a plea deal.

DUI attorneys in Indianapolis IN are specially trained to negotiate a drunk driving plea bargain, which could result in a reduced sentence or negotiated charge. In some instances, our clients are able to plead guilty to lesser charges such as reckless driving, which has a less-severe impact on their ability to drive either privately or commercially

Protect your driving privileges and freedom

An alcohol-related conviction can threaten your career as a CDL driver, so you should contact DUI lawyers in Indianapolis IN immediately after you are cited. Our team of DWI attorneys in Indianapolis IN knows that the consequences are more severe for CDL holders, which is why we take extra care to investigate every element of your case.

DWI lawyers in Indianapolis IN can help you navigate the confusing legal process, serving as your courtroom advocates and allies. Our Indianapolis DUI attorneys are waiting to assist you today — we can help you. Contact us through our online form.

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