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The biggest advice any of our Ft. Myers DUI attorneys will give you is to never fight a drunk driving charge alone. Find the right Ft. Myers DWI attorneys to help you win your case.

Drunk driving happens a lot. As a result, there are innocent people who suffer the consequences. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, contact our DUI attorneys in Ft. Myers FL immediately.

Tell our Ft. Myers DUI Lawyers what the circumstances of the accident were, and our DWI attorneys in Ft. Myers FL will tell you whether you have a strong case or not.

Get Ft. Myers DUI attorneys involved from the very beginning

Once you have been pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, the best thing to do is to be courteous and follow the directions of the police officer. Do not try to argue with the responding officer because that will only get you into deeper trouble.

Ft. Myers DWI Lawyers will tell you to comply with the necessary tests to the best of your ability. Afterward, call our DWI lawyers in Ft. Myers FL to discuss the legality of the tests done and what steps to take next.

A Serious situation

Our Ft. Myers DWI attorneys know that DUI charges are serious and can carry heavy consequences and penalties. We will do everything to reduce your charges. Let our legal expertise and extensive experience work for you.

Whether the accident was intentional or not, being proven to be drunk at the time of the incident will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. If you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is likely that you will be brought before a criminal court and be appropriately charged.

Our DUI lawyers in Ft. Myers FL are trained to negotiate a drunk driving plea bargain, and as a result, you will receive a much lighter sentence.

Schedule a meeting with our Ft. Myers DUI attorneys today. You can trust our team to fight this legal battle with your best interests in mind.

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