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When a drunk driving offense threatens to turn your life upside down, Charlotte DUI attorneys will go to work helping you to minimize the effect of this potential error in judgment.

The Charlotte DWI attorneys on our team are ready to learn more about the details surrounding your current situation. As longtime Charlotte DUI lawyers, we know that punishment for drunk driving can span across the spectrum, including some of the following:

  • Jail time: Of course, this is the biggest fear for most men and women that consult with our Charlotte DWI lawyers. Law enforcement is typically very tough on drunk driving, which makes jail time a real possibility in many scenarios. Our DUI attorneys in Charlotte NC will work to keep you free.
  • Steep fines: Our DUI lawyers in Charlotte NC have worked with many clients that have seen their financial lives decimated from the hefty fines and financial fallout stemming from these incidents. As your DWI attorneys in Charlotte NC, we will do our best to minimize these costs.
  • Loss of driving privileges: Your ability to drive is likely paramount to your professional and social life. Our Charlotte DUI attorneys will help you analyze your legal options and find ways for you to maintain your ability to drive despite your charge or conviction.

Other measures include things like probation, alcohol treatment programs, special equipment installed in your vehicle, and more. Because there are so many potential punishments and legal options, qualified DWI attorneys in Charlotte NC are a must to help you sort through your case.

You can consult with proven, reputable DWI lawyers in Charlotte NC

Every case is different — and clients define “success” in different ways. Our Charlotte DUI attorneys want to learn more about the situation you are facing and provide you with helpful insight. Start by filling out our online form with some of your personal information and we will use this information to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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