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Domestic violence is a very serious matter and these cases require the attention of a seasoned Phoenix domestic violence attorney. If you believe you are the victim of domestic violence, don’t stick around and simply hope that it goes away.

We have a way for you to easily connect with a Phoenix domestic violence lawyer to gain insight into your situation and options moving forward. Fill out our online form with information about yourself and your situation. It will be securely passed on to a domestic violence attorney in Phoenix AZ, who will reach out for a free consultation.


What defines domestic violence

A domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix AZ can explain to you the nuances of domestic violence law, but in short, it’s when physical assault is committed between two related individuals. These relations can vary:

  • Spouses
  • A man and woman that share a child
  • A dating couple
  • Individuals that live in the same home
  • Children

Your Phoenix domestic violence attorney will be able to help you proceed with the necessary legal steps while keeping you safe in the process. It’s important that the first step be to remove you out of harm’s way. That’s our top priority.


Why some victims are hesitant to take action

Not every domestic violence victim is quick to reach out to a Phoenix domestic violence lawyer. Sometimes they are blinded by their love for the individual or they are certain the violence will subside.

These are dangerous actions and assumptions. You need to talk to a domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix AZ to make sure the law protects you from this violence.

We have a Phoenix domestic violence attorney standing by right now to consult with you. Submit the online form right now and we will be in contact with you.

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