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Whether you have been accused of domestic violence, or are the victim of it, take the proper legal steps with the help of an El Paso domestic violence attorney.

Domestic violence is a very serious matter — all around the country each year, instances of domestic violence spiral out of control, causing serious injuries or even tragic deaths. With a trusted El Paso domestic violence lawyer, you can make sure that you handle these instances the right way.

Have you been accused of domestic violence?

Simple accusations of domestic violence — not even a conviction — can tarnish your good name. Also, law enforcement often treats domestic violence suspects differently, quicker to arrest and hold them while the matter is sorted out in court.

A domestic violence attorney in El Paso TX will work with you to help clear your good name. We know the seriousness of these charges and will leverage our vast experience to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Are you the victim of domestic violence?

Don’t stick around in this environment for one more day — contact an El Paso domestic violence attorney right away. Whether it comes in the form of spousal abuse or child abuse, your El Paso domestic violence lawyer can help you contact authorities and take the proper legal actions to ensure your aggressor stays far away from you and your family.

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Get the important answers and information that you need by consulting with a member of our El Paso domestic violence attorney team. Fill out our online form with information about yourself and your current situation and a member of our team will contact you shortly with help you need.

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