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Protect yourself and your family with the help of a qualified Detroit domestic violence attorney. Cases of domestic violence are a very critical area of family law. These situations can get out of control, resulting in injuries or even tragic deaths.

We want to provide you with the help of a savvy Detroit domestic violence lawyer, who is here to help you address your current situation of domestic violence. We can show you your available legal options to remove you out of harm’s way and keep you safe from a threatening individual in which you have a relationship with.

Don’t ignore domestic violence

As a longtime Detroit domestic violence attorney, we know how great of a risk it can be to stick around in an environment where you are the victim of domestic violence. Trying to wait it out and hope that the behavior eventually goes away is a recipe for disaster and could be putting your life, and the lives of your family loved ones, in peril.

A domestic violence lawyer in Detroit MI can work closely with you to make sure you are kept safe and that the individual behind the threat is punished accordingly.

A domestic violence attorney in Detroit MI for the accused

Being accused of domestic violence is a very serious matter, as well. Before you even get a chance to plead your case, you could be arrested, put behind bars, issued a personal protection order and more.

With a Detroit domestic violence lawyer in your corner, you can prove your innocence in court and make sure that these accusations don’t inflict a negative life-long impact.

If you have any questions about the area of domestic violence, we invite you to talk to our team. We can put you in contact with a Detroit domestic violence attorney who will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

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