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Domestic violence is an increased matter of concern in Denver. To the surprise of many, there are still many cases of domestic violence happening every day. Being in a violent relationship is never worth it. Seek a Denver domestic violence attorney in order to receive the proper advice on the next steps to take. We offer an affordable domestic violence attorney in Denver CO so that you do not worry about legal fees instead of your worrying about your safety.    

We thus have our doors wide open for all personals facing the heat of domestic violence. Domestic violence hampers all other aspect of livelihood. Do not put to stake you independence and peace relating to family life, work performance and finance. We at Find an Attorney have a well devoted professional team to get you the best lawyer or attorney firm to show to rays of light keeping your privacy intact. A professional and practising attorney can disclose so you effective steps to hinder the problems from elevating.

Many children and elderly personals in the household are often subject to violence. Due to lack of confidence and fear of losing the roof they are forced to keep mum and go through a hell lot of experience. Our easy and 24/7 open contact details and an active telephone number act as a life saving tool in such circumstances. Thus feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We take great care at keeping your security intact and pull you out of the demining situation with massive care.

What is domestic violence? 

A Denver domestic violence lawyer would define domestic violence as an act of violence against a person with whom you have been involved intimately. This refers to spouses, unmarried couples, former spouses, and those who are parents sharing child custody.

To get into the detail, domestic violence also known as family violence or domestic abuse pin points to the abuse taking place in a domestic setting. Domestic setting indicates cohabitation of any sort or even marriage. We here want you to crucially note that most cases falling under the tag of domestic violence is triggered by intimate partners like partners or spouse against the counterpart in the relationship. No matter if they are in heterosexual, homosexual or even divorced or separated relationship. It is here important to take a note of how the state of Colorado defines intimate relationship. You must be clear regarding the legal definition of the same to be in bright light during any problematic situation. The state statute 18-6-800.3 grants the state to portray intimate relationship to be one that resides between spouses, present or past unmarried couples, former spouses, and personals who are the parents of a child irrespective of the fact that they have been in a marriage or have lived together at any point in time

Time to seek protection 

All Denver domestic violence attorneys recommend their clients seek protection whenever they encounter domestic violence in their relationships. Having the guidance of a professional lawyer will give you the help you need. Always report the matter to the police and talk your lawyer to determine the next steps of the case. Having legal protection will help keep the accused party from getting close to you to cause more harm.

Our associated domestic violence lawyers operating in Denver are a unique blend of toughness and sensitivity. They keep at the back of their minds the fact that your involvement in any criminal cases can affect your livelihood robustly if not handled in a well organised and calculated manner. Thus confidentiality is an aspect we strictly maintain while pulling you out of the problematic situation.

It does not require a separate mention that a professional lawyer is capable of showcasing you ways to get out of the troubled relationship. The right move in the right time is absolutely a must while filing a criminal case against the accused. Thus our proficient team is vigilant at advising you the best move that will surely turn the table in your favour. 

Now the ways in which an attorney acts as a guiding light can be summed up in the following essential heads.

  • Protecting your legal rights- Domestic violence accusation and subsequent charges can land the accused in jail. It subsequently pinches holes in their pocket via means of fines, and trigger probation, counselling and orders. You are also to spend some sum on consultation and fees. Moreover involvement in a case could put restrictions on your voting, parental and firearm rights. We at Find an Attorney are quick witted to get you the best of lawyers and subsequently protect your legal rights and handle your case in the most favourable way. We guarantee 100% protection and justice to you. 
  • Extend legal guidance on an urgent basis- It is important to note here that the law structure in Colorado tunnels the domestic violence cases via a popular court system called “fast track procedure”. Thus it is not difficult to comprehend that the cases move quickly. Thus you can relax on getting justice on an immediate basis. Moreover we are here to fulfil your demand for lawyers to rest the case on their behalf and file responses in a timely manner in order to get the best outcomes. We truly understand the urgency and hence act in a speedy manner to get you the smoothest of results. 
  • Line an effective legal strategy- We at Find an Attorney handle a wide bucket of unique cases on a daily basis. Our team operating in Denver is specialised and dedicated to adopt the most effective approach to deliver to you the best favourable outcome. For example, we might advice you to not take a plea unless the time is perfect and it is the last option left for you. We are armed to take your case to trial in order to bag the apex possible ruling. 
  • Handle the entire account of your case- The fact that a legal case can be extremely demanding on both mental strength and money power, cannot be ignored. Most of the personals in the situation have very less idea regarding the steps to be taken to resolve the case in the minimum time and further achieve favourable outcome. Here comes our expertise! We are seasoned enough to showcase to you the right steps to be taken all throughout the legal journey. Thus your confidence quotient is definite to be sky high with us by your side. We guarantee you all in all guidance in your legal proceeding right from the beginning to the end. 
  • Gathering powerful evidence- Our sturdy team of professionals carry out minute investigation and collect evidences in your favour. Thus the changes of you winning the case are robust. We put our expertise to pick facts that spin the table on your favour. 

Criminal penalties in Domestic violence cases

Talking to a Denver domestic violence lawyer will help you understand what kind of rights you have under the law. Our domestic violence lawyer in Denver CO will also recommend the types of charges you can file for in your case.

In most domestic violence lawsuits, the common charges will include fines, incarceration, probation, and court fees. The court can also request for mandatory violence counseling for the accused and sometimes anger management sessions.

It is important for both the accused and the victims to keep at the back of their mind the laws adhering to domestic violence strictly followed in Colorado. The following list is sure to shed light on the topic with major force. 

  • Elevated penalty- Colorado criminal codes are celebrated because of its coverage of a wide spectrum of acts of violence. This even includes physical violence. But it must also be noted that there is no targeted criminal status specific to domestic violence. Thus domestic violence cannot be charged as a singular offence. But it is packed with other criminal charges. Many a times it acts as a sentence aggregator or elevator!
  • Related criminal charges- The criminal charges of the state encompass municipal ordinance violence and acts of violence against personals and their respective properties. The domestic charges against you might include sexual or physical assault, stalking, child abuse, weapon charges, harassments, disorderly conduct, and false imprisonment. Damaging and destroying personal property like cell phones out of immense anger can even lead to charges. This could lead to enhanced domestic violence penalties if the two parties involved are interlinked intimately. 

 Now it is important to take a look at the penalties a domestic violence accused may have to suffer. It surely depends on the seriousness and kind of assault. Nevertheless in a nutshell the first degree assault is the apex charge. It can result in a class 3 felony. More simply a class 3 felony can lead to 32 years of imprisonment and a fine amounting to $750,000. A third degree assault on the other hand could lead to 2 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 5,000. 

The additional penalties encompass drug and alcohol counselling, hindrance in possessing firearms and status of permanent domestic violence offender. 

Get professional help

Operating in the domain for a long span of time has polished our formation skill of a team of best performing attorney. We are keen in fixing your meeting with renowned and respected criminal defence squad in Denver. The team is not only conversant with Colorado court system but also proficient in handling the most trivial cases. Our performance in settlement and trial cases has been well appreciated by the industry experts. We pact with attorneys and lawyers with many years of experience. Moreover most of them are part of renowned and prestigious law organisations, Colorado Bar Association being one of them. Our team of well qualified lawyers are studded with family and criminal law handling experience. If you find yourself trapped in any domestic criminal case, waste no time to contact with us. Our team is flexible enough to handle cases as soon as they arrive. We are even open to schedule free of cost and no obligation consultation with the best of lawyers in Denver. Keeping with the trend of time we have even kept the window of online consultation open for our busy clients. 

Lastly it is worth mentioning that we at “Find an Attorney” have bagged trust over successful years of operation. If you are going through domestic violence or you know a friend who is going through the same, advise him or her to get professional help. Our skilled Denver domestic violence attorney will always be available for support and provide the best legal advice to help protect you better. Give us a call or head straight to our office for a timely settlement of legal charges. 

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