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Domestic violence allegations are very serious — whether you are the victim or the accused, it’s important to work with a Dallas domestic violence attorney to help provide the legal assistance you need.

Domestic violence is one of the ugliest areas of family law. Some men and women unfortunately resort to physical violence in attempt to resolve their conflicts. As your Dallas domestic violence lawyer, our team will make sure your safety is the top priority and that the situation is sorted out clearly and effectively.

A domestic violence attorney in Dallas TX to keep you safe

As you probably know, the legal system does not move very quickly in general. That’s why, if you are the victim of alleged domestic violence and waiting for the criminal court to hear the case, you need a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas TX to take the necessary steps to keep you safe.

This means issuing a personal protection order that keeps the alleged offender from contacting you in any way, shape or form. It’s important to remove yourself from this type of situation so that it does not get any worse.

As an experienced Dallas domestic violence attorney, we have seen all too often men and women that don’t take action but, instead, hope the situation goes away on its own. This is a risky proposition that can end badly.

Are you accused of domestic violence?

Of course, not all alleged domestic abusers are actually guilty of their crimes. Our Dallas domestic violence attorney team can also work with men and women on this side of the scenario.

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