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Explore the prospect of mediating your divorce by consulting with a San Jose divorce mediation attorney. There is a lot to be said about mediation — many divorcing couples have found that it streamlines the process and has led to a generally positive outcome.

While mediation might be a little more casual than traditional divorce, you still need the assistance of a San Jose divorce mediation lawyer to help guide the process and ensure that the agreement is legally binding.


Why consider mediation?

By working with a divorce mediation attorney in San Jose CA and compromising with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you can come to resolutions on key issues of a divorce without fighting about them in court.

Not only does this remove a lot of the negative emotions from the process, but can save your time and the money that would have been spent on legal fees.


What if we can’t come to an agreement?

As a longtime San Jose divorce mediation attorney, we know that this isn’t always a successful venture. Talks might breakdown on certain issues even with the help of a San Jose divorce mediation lawyer.

That’s ok — both sides reserve the right to bring the divorce to a trial if it’s needed. While it is constructive to compromise in some areas of a divorce, never do anything that feels like you are giving up too much. The outcome should be beneficial for both sides.


Consult with a divorce mediation lawyer in San Jose CA

Our San Jose divorce mediation attorney team would be glad to consult with you and answer any questions or concerns you have about the mediation process. Use our online form to let us know about you and your situation and a member of our staff will reach out soon.

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