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With a San Francisco divorce mediation attorney by your side, you can take a collaborative, low-conflict approach to your upcoming divorce. If this sounds appealing to you, read on and talk to our team of legal professionals, who are available to help you.


Why work with a San Francisco divorce mediation lawyer?

Divorce mediation is a concept that is picking up momentum throughout the United States. Instead of painstakingly fighting over every little nuance of a divorce, both sides can sit down with their divorce mediation attorney in San Francisco CA and come to a more civil agreement.

The benefits of divorce mediation are essentially quite clear — lower amounts of conflict associated with the divorce, a quicker divorce process and even less money spent on legal fees. If you think this might be an approach for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, contact a divorce mediation lawyer in San Francisco CA right now.


What happens if the mediation falls apart?

Just because you are working with a San Francisco divorce mediation attorney, doesn’t mean you give up the right to go to trial with your divorce if the process does not prove effective.

Many couples get stuck on one or two issues during a divorce and they are unable to compromise over the matter. While a San Francisco divorce mediation lawyer can help facilitate constructive dialogue, you can always argue over the matter in front of a judge.


Explore divorce mediation

You can learn more about this process and its various benefits by talking directly to a San Francisco divorce mediation attorney. Submit some information about yourself through our online form and a legal professional will reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation. This can set you on the path to a quick and painless divorce.

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