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Spouses who are undergoing a divorce in Pasadena should seek a Pasadena divorce mediation attorney to help them reach an agreement with regards to all legal matters involved in the proceedings without the court being involved. Matters like spousal support, custody of children, support for children, rights for visiting children, and even division of property are just a few of the issues that can be discussed with a mediating attorney to help come up with an agreement that both parties will sign. Our Pasadena divorce mediation lawyer is adept in helping couples come up with a satisfactory agreement for both sides for the divorce proceedings to go smoothly.

How Divorce Mediation Works

Our Pasadena divorce mediation attorney will listen to both parties at the start and will ask questions pertaining to mediation and divorce. This will include financial history of both parties as they are necessary for dividing assets between the two parties. Each spouse should share what they want to get out of the separation and their reasons behind it. Our Pasadena divorce mediation lawyer will be the one to negotiate, discuss, and draft an agreement based on the information available. Our goal is to find a compromise between the two parties then create a legal document that will be accepted by the court once it has been agreed upon by the couple. The job of our divorce mediation attorney Pasadena TX is to help couples find the best arrangement possible to minimize the cost of going through a divorce.

Expert Divorce Mediation Lawyer Pasadena TX

If you and your spouse cannot agree on certain aspects of your divorce, instead of battling it out in court, hiring our Pasadena divorce mediation attorney is worth considering. Having a neutral party assist you through this stage of your divorce not only helps you understand the divorce proceedings better, but you and your partner will be able to find a compromise without having to undergo the long, costly and arduous court battle.  Contact us today!

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