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Divorce mediation is now more popular than ever before. Not everyone wants to go through the courts to have their divorce processed. Well, if that is what you want, then it is best to hire an Orlando divorce mediation attorney. Having a competent divorce mediation attorney will make it easy to conclude your divorce within weeks. Which is much faster than when you go through court proceedings.

How Our Mediation Process Works

Our Orlando divorce mediation lawyer will first have a meeting with you and your spouse to discuss your assets and how you would like to divide them. We always advocate for equitable sharing of assets. Of course, several factors go into determining the share of each spouse.

A divorce mediation attorney Orlando FL will work on creating a parenting plan for both parents. Just because you are divorcing, it does not mean you cannot be civil enough to care for your kids.

The divorce mediation lawyer Orlando FL will also work on calculating child support and how each parent contributes. With years of experience in family law, coming up with a plan will be easy.

Finally, once you have both agreed to the terms, the Orlando divorce mediation attorney will draw up your legal divorce papers. As you can see, a divorce does not always have to be tough and messy.

Benefits of Mediation

If you opt for mediation, below are some of the benefits you will receive when you choose to hire an Orlando divorce mediation lawyer;

  • No lengthy court processes
  • You end up with a tailored parenting plan
  • There is a reduction in conflict
  • It helps improve communication
  • It maintains confidentiality
  • You will avoid costly litigation

Consult the Best Attorneys in the Business

With the many benefits and convenience of mediation, why not hire an Orlando divorce mediation attorney today. Contact us today and to have a free consultative meeting with our lawyers.

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