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Just because you want to get divorced from your spouse, does not mean the two of you cannot talk about it civilly. It is possible to have a negotiated divorce without it necessarily getting messy or going to court. If this is the case a Lakeland divorce mediation attorney will be the solution for your divorce. A good mediation lawyer will remain impartial to ensure the process is smooth and completed faster than those that go to court.

Important Facts About Divorce Mediation

For the divorce to be recognized by law, both parties must agree to sign the negotiated document. The Lakeland divorce mediation lawyer will have to include the views of each party in the agreement to end up with an agreeable divorce document.

The mediator must remain a neutral party throughout the whole process. The couple can also retain a Lakeland divorce mediation lawyer for cases such as these;

  • Child custody and support
  • Asset division
  • Time-sharing
  • Alimony, and more

Top Benefits of Divorce Mediation Process

The most common benefit of hiring a Lakeland Divorce Mediation Attorney is that you never have to deal with expensive legal proceedings. The mediation makes it cheaper and faster.

Whenever a divorce mediation attorney Lakeland FL is used, the resulting document is based on mutual satisfaction. The agreement is comprehensive and customized considering every couple will have their own reasons for divorcing.  Both parties must agree to the final document. That might not be the case when a judge sets the conditions of the divorce in a courtroom.

Hire a Professional Divorce Mediation Lawyer Lakeland FL

There are many benefits for using mediation to settle your divorce. With a dedicated a Lakeland divorce mediation attorney it will be a smoother, faster and less expensive process. What are you waiting for? Visit us today with your spouse for more information on how to get started with divorce mediation.

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