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Divorce mediation is often a viable alternative to contentious courtroom proceedings, and an Indianapolis divorce mediation attorney can be a valuable ally throughout the process. Instead of spending a significant amount of money arguing your position in court — only to have the judge issue a seemingly unfair divorce decree — consider a mediation approach.

Your Indianapolis divorce mediation lawyer is trained to help you minimize the financial impact of divorce while still exercising your legal rights.

An Indianapolis divorce mediation attorney knows the benefits of a cooperative approach

Many of our clients have never heard of mediation, and they are not sure whether a collaborative divorce is the right choice for them. Your best choice for divorce is an Indianapolis divorce mediation lawyer if you want the following out of your marital dissolution:

  • Lower-cost negotiation
  • Lasting divorce agreements that rarely require changes
  • Improved control over the outcome of your breakup
  • Confidentiality and privacy (“what happens in mediation stays in mediation”)
  • Lower impact on your children and other family members

A divorce mediation attorney in Indianapolis IN knows that your likelihood of being able to settle your divorce without ever stepping foot in a courtroom is actually pretty high. Mediation is voluntary and should always be considered a first step in negotiating the end of your marriage.

Work with qualified legal professionals

Your divorce mediation lawyer in Indianapolis IN is trained to provide cooperative, professional services that encourage you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to reach an acceptable agreement.

Unlike other divorce attorneys, an Indianapolis divorce mediation attorney does not take an adversarial approach. Ease your mind and lower the stress associated with your divorce by considering the more affordable, lower stress option: mediation. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of this approach.

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