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Divorce is usually the recourse that couples consider when their marriage is starting to fail, but instead of jumping into a divorce proceeding, why not try our Georgetown divorce mediation attorney first? Courts prefer couples to go through a mediation first to determine if the differences can be reconciled and an agreement can be reached. Although there are couples that are willing to do this, many are not fully aware of this option. Consulting our Georgetown divorce mediation lawyer may help you consider this course of action for you and your spouse if you are no longer interested in staying married. Through mediation, it is possible for you and your partner to come to an agreement on all the aspects in a divorce case.

What is the Purpose of a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Georgetown TX?

You might be wondering about the purpose of a Georgetown divorce mediation attorney. Well, a mediated divorce proceeding means a couple going through a divorce will have a third-party present who will help them come to an agreement on the various aspects of a divorce. Our Georgetown divorce mediation lawyer is a neutral party whose aim is to help you and your spouse consider each other’s terms regarding child custody, visitation, spousal support, and everything in between. Even when you do not want to be in the same room as your wife or husband, our mediation attorney will help facilitate the terms by going to one spouse and then to the other. Our goal here is to help both spouses agree on an arrangement that they will sign on that day itself.

Hire the Best Divorce Mediation Lawyer Georgetown TX

If you want to settle things with your spouse outside of court, do not hesitate to approach our Georgetown divorce mediation attorney. We are here to give you and your partner the assistance you need to settle things in a more private manner. Contact us today!

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