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If you want to explore the more collaborative route of mediation during a divorce, then we invite you to consult with an experienced Austin divorce mediation attorney. Mediation can bring a more peaceful dynamic to divorce proceedings.

For those who have not yet consulted with an Austin divorce mediation lawyer, or don’t really know much about the process, the following is some general information worth noting.

  • Mediation is the process in which both sides sit down and discuss all the aspects of their divorce. The goal is to compromise and work together to come an agreement. A divorce mediation attorney in Austin TX helps to facilitate the conversation and make agreements legally binding.
  • Often, not all aspects of a divorce can be sorted out through mediation. If both sides don’t agree on certain sticking points, they retain the rights to bring those issues to trial.
  • Almost any Austin divorce mediation attorney would be quick to identify a wide variety of benefits that come with this process. Mediation can curb legal costs, speed up the divorce process and help spare everyone involved from the extreme, negative emotions common to divorce.

In addition to working with an experienced Austin divorce mediation lawyer, it’s also important to come into the process with an open mind. Compromise and collaboration are key in mediation — there should be no perceived “winners” and “losers” in this process.

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