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divorce mediation attorneyDifferences are bound to exist in any marital relationships because no two people are the same. While some differences can be resolved without breaking up the union, others ultimately end up in a divorce. The truth is, divorce is one of the toughest decisions any couple could ever make in their lives. 

Apart from being an emotional experience, going through the process of marriage dissolution can be particularly tiring and frustrating especially when the couple are unable to reach an agreement on salient issues such as child custody, alimony and property division. One way to avoid the stress and usually long court proceedings is to engage the service of an independent mediator. 

And don’t feel bad if your relationship isn’t working out. You can see the divorce statistics in the USA here: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/marriage-divorce.htm

What is Divorce Mediation? 

Mediation in divorce is an alternative route designed to help you to reach a resolution or settlement without taking your matter to a judge for a ruling. Instead of going to court, you and your spouse hire a neutral mediator whose objective is to help you reach an agreement. 

Unlike courts, the mediator doesn’t make decisions for you. They only serve as a facilitator to help you and your spouse figure out what’s best for both of you. In most cases, mediation results in a resolution that is faster and less expensive. 

What is the Process Involved in Mediation? 

Although each mediator has their unique approach to mediating between two married partners, most mediations however tend to follow the same pattern. The process commences when you both agree to engage the service of an independent, unbiased mediator to help you resolve some issues you’re having divergent views on. The one way to get the best out of the mediation is to have an experienced divorce mediation lawyer on your side. 

Once an agreement is reached, you can speak with the mediator on phone about your marriage and the issues on ground. Some mediators will ask to know the necessary details about your particular case while others may wait until your first meeting where everyone is physically present to gather the needed information.   

Meetings are usually held in enclosed places such as conference rooms or comfortable offices. On your first meeting, the mediator will explain what you can expect from the process. Depending on the mediator’s approach, they may tell everyone to be in the same room throughout the entire meditation or meet you in separate sessions for them to get your views or positions in private. 

Confidentiality is crucial in every mediation effort. The mediator will ask you to sign an agreement that requires you to keep what is being said or discussed in the mediation confidential and that you understand that the mediator cannot disclose any of what transpired in case the matter later ends up in court.   

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What is the Importance of Hiring a Divorce Mediation Attorney? 

Although one of the purposes of opting for mediation is to ensure that matters of differences are amicably resolved between you and your spouse, not every mediation goes smoothly where the two partners easily reach agreements on salient issues. 

To ensure that your interests and positions are clearly and properly negotiated during the mediation, you need an experienced divorce mediation lawyer to represent you. Having a divorce mediation attorney on your side will help you articulate your points and intelligently engage in technical discussions around issues such as property division or child custody.   

Our experienced divorce mediation attorneys have a long track record of representing clients to have favourable negotiations in mediations. We can help you negotiate terms and reach agreement in a manner that saves you the stress of going through court proceedings. We understand how traumatic and emotional divorce could. Therefore, we help you handle the legal aspect of your divorce so that you can have enough time to heal. 

Playing by the Rule of the Game 

Mediation is resorted to in order to help couples going through divorce to have a level playing ground where they can freely express their views and agree to compromise. The process gives the partners an avenue to listen and understand each other’s point of view without the typical belligerence of court proceedings. That said, the mood and temperament of the divorce mediation attorney you’re hiring must reflect the philosophy of the mediation process. 

Our experienced divorce mediation attorneys will show genuine care in your matter and provide unbiased legal advice to ensure that you and your partner reach a fair agreement. We understand it may be difficult for two of you to maintain a friendly relationship while your divorce mediation is going on, we will corporate with the mediator to help you create a cordial atmosphere that allows you both to corporate in reaching settlement. 

Importantly, we will guide you through the mediation process to prevent you from conceding to terms or conditions that may hurt you later after the divorce is concluded. We work closely with all the parties involved in the mediation process to help you and your partner reach a favorable agreement. 

For quality representation in a divorce mediation, contact one of our experienced divorce mediation attorneys today. 

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