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Establish a child support arrangement that benefits both you and your children by working with a San Diego child support attorney. Our team of legal professionals will work hard to establish an arrangement, modify it when needed and make sure that both sides abide by it.

Child support cases are important — they ensure that children receive the financial resources they need to sustain a decent quality of life. You and your San Diego child support lawyer will need to work with the other parent and their legal team to establish an agreement that is fair.

The ideal child support agreement looks a little something like this.

  • Of course, you and your child support attorney in San Diego CA will want to establish an agreement that provides the children with the monetary support they need. The needs of the child must be provided for first and foremost.
  • The agreement needs to be fair to the non-custodial parent, as well. While they are responsible to pay, this needs to be a fair sum that they are able to manage. Child support payments should not thrust a non-custodial parent into poverty.
  • A San Diego child support attorney can also work to make modifications to an existing agreement. Life changes — people get jobs, lose jobs, encounter unforeseen expenses — a child support agreement should reflect these changing scenarios.

Too often, child support obligations are either ignored or go unfulfilled. You need a child support lawyer in San Diego CA that will go to bat for you to make sure the needs of your children are met.


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