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If you have sole custody over your child, hiring a Philadelphia child support attorney can ensure you receive enough to care for your child. Your child deserves to have as much support as they need to maintain the quality of life that they are used to.

Too often, child support goes unpaid. If this is the case, a Philadelphia child support lawyer can walk you through the legal options you have.

Who is required to pay child support?
In most cases, the parent who does not have full custody of the child is the one required to pay child support. Marriage status doesn’t matter, meaning that even if the parents never married, child support may still be required.

If you are locked in a battle over child support, finding a child support attorney in Philadelphia PA could help win the case.

What can child support be used for?
With the help of a Philadelphia child support attorney, child support can be awarded for any need the child may have until he or she reaches 18 years old. Therefore, it should be used to pay for the necessities, such as:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Health insurance/medical care
  • School expenses

If you feel the parent to whom you pay support to is using it for unintended purposes, getting a child support lawyer in Philadelphia PA can help bring it to the attention of the courts.

Child support after college
Though your child may be passed 18 years of age, child support may still be required. Since each state is different, consult your Philadelphia child support lawyer about the nuances of child support laws here in Pennsylvania.

Going through a separation is a difficult task, especially when children are involved. Throw finances into the mix and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. To work with a Philadelphia child support attorney, fill out our online form and submit it so that our team can pair you with the right legal professional.

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