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Did you know that divorcing parents are not the only group that can benefit from the assistance of an Indianapolis child support attorney? Single parents are also affected by child support rules and requirements.

In fact, you may be more likely to need the intensive services of a qualified Indianapolis child support lawyer if you are an unmarried parent, largely because you do not enjoy the same protections as a divorcing couple. Unmarried or divorced fathers, in particular, can benefit from the advice and guidance provided by a child support attorney in Indianapolis IN, particularly if they are unsure about their rights and responsibilities.

How an Indianapolis child support attorney can help fathers

Paternity is never assumed outside of the marital relationship. That means that even if a man’s name is included on a child’s birth certificate, there is no assumption that the child is actually his. In order for an unmarried mother to seek child support, she must consult an Indianapolis child support lawyer to help her prove paternity. This is often accomplished through DNA testing.

However, DNA testing is not always voluntary. In some instances, the courts may require fathers to take paternity tests in order to secure child support for the offspring. A child support lawyer in Indianapolis IN is an excellent resource for dads who find themselves being forced to submit to a DNA test.

Someone to advocate for you in court

Furthermore, an Indianapolis child support attorney can fight for your rights in court, because you need to take additional steps if you are an unmarried father who wants to be involved in your child’s life. Understand that failure to assert your parental rights means that the child’s mother can modify visitation arrangements almost at will, unless they have been formally adopted through a court order. Find out other ways in which an attorney can protect your rights by visiting our top-notch legal team today.

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