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You can connect with an El Paso child support attorney quickly and easily if you find yourself in need of one. Whether you are going through a divorce, or have recently had a child with another individual and are now tasked with custodial obligations, working with an experienced legal professional to establish a fair agreement is important.

We can put you in touch with an El Paso child support lawyer right now for a free consultation. Simply fill out the form found here on our website. Here, we ask for some background information on both yourself and your situation.

From there, that information will be passed along to a child support attorney in El Paso TX to provide you with free, no-obligation insight on how to move forward.

Addressing your questions and concerns with child support

Many new parents that find themselves with sole custody of a child are uncertain how the child support system works. With a knowledgeable El Paso child support attorney in your corner, you can get the needed information. We can answer questions like:

  • How much am I owed in child support?
  • What happens if the non-custodial parent refuses to pay?
  • What is this money to be used for?
  • Can a child support agreement be changed?
  • And more

These are all important questions and your El Paso child support lawyer will have the answers. Together, you can make sure that a fair child support agreement is, not just put in place, but also enforced.

We have a child support lawyer in El Paso TX that is ready to consult with you

Don’t try to take on this daunting legal process on your own. Make sure you have the assistance of a trusted El Paso child support attorney both for your benefit and the benefit of any children involved.

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