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Welcome to the home for the leading Dallas child support attorney staff. If you are facing a child support issue, don’t try to take on the legal system on your own — talk to our team and put an experienced and knowledgeable Dallas child support lawyer in your corner.

Child support is very important — it ensures that custodial parents have the financial resources needed to provide for their children. When child support is neglected, the child suffers, which is why it is vastly important to be vigilant on this front.

With a child support attorney in Dallas TX from our team, we can help you:

  • Negotiate the initial child support determination and agreement
  • Make adjustments to the agreement when warranted
  • Collect past due child support payments
  • Punish negligent child support payers
  • And more

You need a child support lawyer in Dallas TX that will fight vigorously for you. Too often, custodial parents don’t receive the required child support payments from the other parent. They are often too busy and don’t have the drive to pursue payments via a lengthy legal battle.

That’s where a Dallas child support attorney comes into play. This is money that you are owed and you should never allow negligent parents to get away with not paying. We will fight for you to make sure you receive all the money you are owed.

A trusted Dallas child support lawyer

We have legal professionals that can work for both men and women who are owed child support and also those who owe it. The goal of this process is to strike a deal that works fairly for everyone. There should not be winners or losers in a child support case.

We can talk to you more about your individual case. Consult with a Dallas child support attorney for free by submitting information about yourself and your child support needs.

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