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A child support agreement is an ever-changing contract — an experienced Columbus child support attorney will make sure that your agreement stays fair and updated as life situations change.

A Columbus child support lawyer isn’t only useful for establishing a child support agreement or advocating for you when the payer refuses to pay — these professionals can work with the courts to make sure the needs of both sides are addressed.

When a child support agreement might change

There are a wide range of scenarios in which a child support attorney in Columbus OH might work with you to petition for amendments to your current agreement. They include:

  • The payer is not able to keep up with the current amount scheduled. Whether the individual lost a job or has incurred other essential expenses, working with a child support lawyer in Columbus OH to adjust the agreement is better than the payer skipping payments all together.
  • The payer is not paying their fair share. On the other side of the coin, if a payer has experienced an increase in income, they should be diverting more money to support their child. Our Columbus child support lawyer can make sure that the payer is paying their fair share.
  • The needs of the custodial parent or child have changed. Financial needs are not something that stay consistent. As the needs of custodial parents and children change, so, too, should the child support arrangement.

You can have an experienced Columbus child support attorney overseeing the process so you can have the peace of mind knowing that the current agreement is fair to everyone involved.

Child support is vital to provide children with the resources they need to succeed in life. Make sure their needs are covered by teaming with a Columbus child support attorney.

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