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In many scenarios, child support payments are vital in providing important resources for youngsters, which is why our Charlotte child support attorney team works so hard to make sure it is accessible for everyone who needs, and is entitled, to it.

When two parents go their separate ways, the non-custodial parent (if there is one) is generally obligated to support their child financially through child support payments. The amount a non-custodial parent is responsible to pay is determined by the family law courts, which take many different factors into consideration.

If you have child support needs of any kind, we encourage you to enlist the help of a Charlotte child support lawyer from our team. We can help in a number of situations.

  • When an agreement should be adjusted. Whether the payer cannot keep up with payments or the recipient is not receiving his or her fair share, we have a child support attorney in Charlotte NC that can petition for the necessary changes to the existing agreement.
  • The payer refuses to make payments. Your child support lawyer in Charlotte NC can show you your legal options when a child support payer refuses to issue the necessary funds.
  • An agreement is being put in place. Your Charlotte child support attorney can work with you from the very beginning, arguing to the courts how much financial support you need and why.

Each Charlotte child support lawyer on our team has extensive experience working in, not just family law, but specifically the area of child support. You can put this knowledge and experience to work for you.

Talk to our Charlotte child support attorney about the situation you are facing in regards to child support. We can provide you with helpful insight on how to move forward with the necessary legal action.

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