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Child custody is about the future of the child, which is why our West Valley City child custody lawyer aims to develop positive solutions. When it comes to the dissolution of marriage, the living situation of the children becomes a top priority.

Our West Valley City child custody attorney advocates our client’s rights to raise his or her kids. The process could include tedious tasks that we are determined to accomplish on your behalf so you can have a wonderful future with your children.

Secure your rights over raising your children

Before finalizing the divorce, both spouses should have an agreement regarding the welfare of their kids.

  • Where will the children live? 
  • Who will make the decisions for them? 
  • How will the parenting time be split?

These are some of the questions that might be on your mind. Fortunately, our child custody lawyer in West Valley City UT can answer them for you.  

In most cases, parents are granted joint custody, where both can share parental rights. Our West Valley City child custody lawyer has an excellent record of delivering favorable outcomes to our clients.

You probably already have a deep relationship with your children and do not want to lose them. Our West Valley City child custody attorney will do all legal actions to ensure that you get the right to be present in their lives, attend sports practices and events or volunteer in their schools.

Our goal as a child custody attorney in West Valley City UT is to protect your right to continue your relationship with your children. We will review all the factors that the judge will consider when determining custody. 

Fighting for child custody alone is scary, which is why you need to hire our West Valley City child custody lawyer. We will hold your hand through the entire procedure. Call our office immediately to schedule your first consultation.

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