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Negotiating a constructive child custody plan that serves the best interests of your children is important and our Seattle child custody lawyer team can provide you with the legal resources to make it happen.

We match you up with a Seattle child custody attorney that is experienced in dealing with this area of family law. You will get the close, personal attention of a reputable, proven attorney that will advocate on your behalf — and the behalf of your child or children.


Establish the most effective parenting plan through a child custody lawyer in Seattle WA

Ultimately, these proceedings should center on the best interests of the child — not necessarily your best interests. With our child custody attorney in Seattle WA, you can explore what child custody scenarios best provide for the needs of your child.

This might come in the form of sole custody or joint custody. With the help of a Seattle child custody lawyer, you can install an agreement in place and our professionals can make sure you understand the terms of the agreement and consequences that come with violating it.


Working together for the benefit of children

Almost any Seattle child custody attorney would agree that it’s important for both parents to come together and work collaboratively to establish a strong parenting plan. While you might not get along with the other parent, putting those differences aside to work for the benefit of the children will reap a positive outcome.

If you have found yourself in the throes of a child custody dispute, let our Seattle child custody lawyer staff know about it. We can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case. We can also provide you with the needed legal representation moving forward so that you can maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

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