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Strike a child custody agreement that is best for your children by working with a San Jose child custody lawyer. These are professionals that are trained in acting in the best interests of the children who are put in the crosshairs of divorce.

A San Jose child custody attorney from our staff will put the needs of the child at the center of the proceedings. After all, the custody agreement is ultimately determined by a family court judge, who will make his or her decision based on the needs of the child.

Our child custody lawyer in San Jose CA will be tasked with demonstrating how important your involvement is in the child’s life. Our team knows how important it is to have access to your children, which is why we work so hard for the clients that we serve.


The many forms of child custody

There are a wide range of agreements that can be set in place by a family law judge. As your San Jose child custody lawyer, we can explain concepts such as:

  • Physical custody
  • Sole custody
  • Partial custody
  • Visitation
  • And more

These are all key and common elements of a child custody agreement. It’s always important to comply with the agreement that is set in place. Any San Jose child custody attorney will warn you that, if you violate the agreement, you are effectively compromising your access to your children.


Turn to our team for your child custody needs

Work with a compassionate child custody attorney in San Jose CA to make sure that your legal rights as a parent are upheld.

Consult with a San Jose child custody lawyer. Schedule your appointment by submitting some information to our team via our online form. Get the answers that you are looking for from a credible source.

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