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Fighting for custody of your children in court requires the assistance of a Phoenix child custody lawyer. If you choose not to enlist the help of a professional attorney, you run the risk of losing out on valuable time with your children — time that simply cannot be replaced.

With the expertise provided by a Phoenix child custody attorney, you can protect your rights as a parent and maximize the outcome of your child custody case. You deserve to spend time with your children, and a child custody lawyer in Phoenix AZ can improve your chances of receiving a fair decision in court.


Why a Phoenix child custody lawyer is so important

Child custody cases are exceptionally emotional because parents are invested in their children’s welfare. These cases can quickly become contested and difficult to manage, particularly if you are representing yourself and do not fully understand family law.

A Phoenix child custody attorney can take that stress away, providing you with a calm, collected approach to your family law case. So, what factors play a role in deciding child custody? Here are a few:

  • Mental and physical health and wellbeing of the child
  • Whether the child will be required to adjust to a new environment
  • Whether either parent has perpetrated family violence in the past
  • Relationships between children and parents
  • Preferences of the child (typically for teenagers)
  • Recommendations from expert witnesses

Your child custody attorney in Phoenix AZ can help you gain a realistic perspective about your chances in a family law case.

Rely on our Phoenix child custody lawyer to get the job done right while providing a caring, compassionate approach. Let’s get started today! Contact us for a review of your family law case by filling out our online form.

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