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The goal of our Orem child custody lawyer is to protect the interests of your children. Child custody is a critical topic when talking about divorce. The outcome of child custody cases could have a huge impact on the kid’s future.

Let our Orem child custody attorney help fight for your rights as a parent. We know how frustrating it is to try to be a good parent and create change for your children and still face the possibility of losing them.

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Our child custody lawyer in Orem UT is adept at every child custody issue, including:

  • Child custody relocation
  • Virtual visitation
  • Child support issues
  • Joint custody

It is worth remembering that child custody orders are not permanent. It could be modified based on different factors that any Orem child custody lawyer could enumerate. If there is a change in the circumstances of the parents, the court may find it necessary to make modifications such as:

  • Residence of the child
  • Change in support

These are just some of the reasons for modifying a child custody agreement. It is crucial to keep in mind that any parent violating the agreement will receive penalties and could even be jailed. For example, if there is a travel restriction, and the parent moves the child anyway, the court may hold the parent in contempt.

Hiring an Orem child custody attorney is the best option you must understand the law and the consequences of not following it. Our team can fiercely represent you and your kids.

Do not let yourself have a moment where you wish you could have done better for your kids. Do them proud now and think about their future and call us. Our child custody attorney in Orem UT is here to help you protect their interests.

Our Orem child custody lawyer will work relentlessly on your behalf. We understand your rights and needs, so let us help you make informed decisions. Contact our office to discuss your case.

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