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A Longmont child custody lawyer will help establish the custody or guardianship of your children. Our firm will focus on your goals and the best interest of the children. We offer a responsive, client-focused approach, so you can feel confident you will get a better resolution.

Our Longmont child custody attorney will help resolve time-sharing and other disputes regarding the children by drafting a parenting plan. 

Joint parenting

Child custody is the most important issue that divorced parents will have to deal with. Our child custody lawyer in Longmont CO will not allow a parent to suffer the devastation of losing a child.

You need a Longmont child custody lawyer committed to protecting your rights to spend time with your child and help you preserve your child’s well-being. Our Longmont child custody attorney will stand by your side and guide you on the following:

  • Visitation rights
  • Joint custody arrangements
  • Modification of custody
  • Enforcement of orders
  • Decisions regarding the well-being, education, and the relation of the child

Parents often disagree when trying to decide about the best interest of the child. Planning and negotiating a parenting plan can be difficult. Our child custody attorney in Longmont CO has experience working with parents and drafting the best resolution for both sides.

We will give recommendations regarding the following:

  • Where will the child spend a particular holiday?
  • Who can make major decisions for the child?
  • The time and date one parent will spend with the child

If negotiations fail or if one parent poses a danger to the health and wellness of the child, the court will establish who will become the guardian. This is where seasoned lawyers become even more crucial – to ensure the legal steps are being followed. 

Child custody is perhaps the most difficult area to agree on in any divorce. But there is no need to be afraid, our Longmont child custody lawyer know how hard the process can be and ready to take on your case. All the issues will be clearly stated for both parents.

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