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Divorce is usually hard on not only you but the kids, so a child custody agreement make things easier and clearer when there is an agreed upon plan on how to continue to raise the kids. Before you agree to any formal custody arrangement, call a Largo child custody lawyer to protect your interests. With your Largo child custody attorney, it is possible to set up a conducive child custody arrangement that works for both parties.

Types of Child Custody to Expect

A Largo child custody lawyer is responsible for coming up with a detailed child custody arrangement for their clients. Depending on various factors, child custody can fall under different categories. Some of the types of child custody can include the following;

  • Legal custody – with this type of custody, you have the legal right to make decisions on how the child is raised. Your Largo child custody attorney can be essential in arguing your case so that you can end up with this type of custody arrangement. With this custody type, you will be responsible to choose things such as the child’s religion, education, medical care, and more.
  • Physical custody – with your child custody lawyer in Largo FL on your case, a parent can end up with physical custody. It is where you have the physical rights of the children. In such a case, the children will live with you.
  • Sole custody – a child custody attorney in Largo FL can also advocate for sole custody when necessary. You will be the only parent the kids live with. The other parent will have limited visitations.
  • Joint custody – with this type, both parents are allowed in the decision-making process. It allows the kids to be raised by both parents equally.

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