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Don’t let yourself become locked out from having access to your children — enlist the help of a Fort Worth child custody lawyer to advocate for you during this often-contentious process.

Child custody determinations are often made right away during a divorce. With a Fort Worth child custody attorney, you can clearly and coherently make a case for yourself and why you deserve custody or access to your child.

The courts will base their decision on what is best for the children, so it’s important to work with a child custody lawyer in Fort Worth TX that can eloquently explain why your involvement is important to the well-being of the children.

Types of custody arrangements

One of the basic things to remember about child custody agreements is that they come in essentially two different forms.

  • Sole-custody: This is when one parent has full decision-making power over the child. They also hold physical custody of the child, but the non-custodial parent usually retains visitation rights. Your Fort Worth child custody lawyer can help craft the finer points of a sole custody arrangement.
  • Joint custody: These are scenarios where a Fort Worth child custody attorney is also important. In a joint custody agreement, both parents generally share physical custody and decision-making power over the child. That means they need to work effectively together to make key decisions about the child’s life.

Child custody disputes can get ugly and feature a wide range of negative emotions. By working with a child custody attorney in Fort Worth TX from our team, we can help you get past that contention and make decisions that that are best for your children.

Schedule a free consultation with a Fort Worth child custody lawyer by filling out our online form, answering some general information about your situation. Thank you — we look forward to serving you.

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