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Fort Collins Child Custody Lawyer

Any case involving a child will always have high stakes. It is because the courts do not take the matter lightly. There are also stricter measures in place in such cases to protect the child. With such complex legal issues, it is best to seek advice from a Fort Collins child custody lawyer on how to proceed with your child custody case. Hire a child custody attorney in Fort Collins CO for legal representation to increase your odds of getting custody of your child.

Factors the Court Considers

In any case, the court must consider the wishes of the parents and the child. Furnish our Fort Collins child custody lawyer with every detail that he/she might need to argue your case.    Each party will have enough time to explain the reasons why they should have the child. Also, for a child over 12 years, the court will listen to the child’s wants as well. The judge will also consider the relationship the child has with both parents. Contacting a Fort Collins child custody attorney is beneficial in navigating such an important legal matter.

The child’s adjustment to the surroundings will also be considered. The aim is not to affect the normal life of the child after the custody hearing has been determined. There are many more factors that the court will consider before making the final decision so talk to a child custody lawyer in Fort Collins CO today.

Child Custody Plans

Most cases that a Fort Collins child custody lawyer deals with will have either primary responsibility or joint responsibility as the custody plan. For the primary responsibility, one parent is given the authority to take care of the child’s primary needs. This is where the other parent might be incapable of doing so. As for the joint responsibilities, the parents share responsibilities and visitations for the child, ensuring the child has all their needs met. Talk to a Fort Collins child custody attorney to understand better what each of the custody plans offers.


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