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A family that is undergoing divorce will also have to deal with who will get custody of the children, and in situations where a child’s custody is being contested, having an Erie child custody lawyer to represent you will be in your best interest. Although there are situations when a child custody goes smoothly, when it does not it can be life altering to say the least. Without an expert Erie child custody attorney to consult with during these proceedings, you might not be aware that you and your child’s rights are in jeopardy. What you need is one of our dedicated lawyers to defend your rights when you and your spouse cannot agree on who will gain custody over the children.

Factors Considered in a Child Custody Case

Our child custody lawyer in Erie PA understand that there are certain factors that the court will be used in determining who gets custody over the children. Some examples of these are past abuses, which party is amenable to visitation, availability of extended family, financial capability of raising a child, parental duties that are performed by each party, including the preferences of the child. If you hire our Erie child custody lawyer, you will be able to consider what your options are, and whether the court will favor you based on the evidence on hand. On the other hand, if you are contesting the decision of the court, you should let our Erie child custody attorney assist you in your battle.

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Never underestimate the power of having a legal mind handle your child custody hearing because of their experience and expertise on the matter. And when it comes to defending your parental rights, you can trust our Erie child custody lawyer to handle your case until we get the desired results. You can rely on us to defend and protect your rights from start to finish.

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