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Each time a couple with underaged children goes through a divorce, child custody will be involved. This is a very serious topic and it should be because child custody decides how the parents will raise the child after their separation. It would be adventitious to have the services of a Denver child custody lawyer to help deal with the emotional charged subject of child custody. Parents are expected to consider the needs of the child when coming up with the custody arrangements.

Types of Custody Arrangements in Colorado

A Denver child custody attorney will explain to you the child custody options you have available in Colorado. Recommendations from Denver child custody lawyers can be extremely helpful when dealing with such sensitive matters.

Child custody is divided into two areas including legal and physical custody.

Physical custody – this is where a court determines where the child will live after the separation of the parents. The parent living with the child must take care of the child’s social, emotional, and physical needs.

Legal custody – a child custody attorney in Denver CO will also advise the client on how legal custody works. This is where a parent has the right to make crucial decisions about the upbringing of the child. Examples include how the child gets educated, the religion the child will practice, and decisions on non-emergency healthcare.

There are many other custody types to consider:

  • Alternating custody
  • Shared custody
  • Split custody
  • Sole custody
  • Joint custody

Talk to your Denver child custody attorney to learn more about what you can expect with each of the different custody options.

Tough but Fair

We will assign you a Denver child custody lawyer in Denver CO, who will provide all the essential information that you need to understand about your child custody case. A dedicated Denver child custody lawyer is ready to meet with you. Get started today by providing us with some initial information on our form.

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