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Isolate yourself from the contention that often fills child custody proceedings by putting an experienced, skilled Columbus child custody lawyer in your corner. We have legal professionals that will put your needs, and the needs of your child, first in order to achieve a fair custody arrangement.

A lot is involved with child custody agreements — it’s more than just setting an agreement in place and following it. With a Columbus child custody attorney from our network, you can address such important issues as:

  • Agreement modifications: If you feel the current agreement needs changes, your child custody lawyer in Columbus OH can petition for those changes and lay out for a judge why the change is merited.
  • Visitation: Even if you do not have custody of a child, your child custody attorney in Columbus OH can advocate for visitation rights.
  • Relocations: If you have custody of a child and are planning to move — whether that be across town or across the country — your Columbus child custody lawyer can let your intentions be known and work to modify the agreement accordingly.

The list goes on from there. The bottom line is that a Columbus child custody attorney is a great resource to have because these types of agreements are very fluid and change often. It’s best for everyone involved that all changes are clearly conveyed and that both sides are able to maintain a mutually beneficial agreement.

Are you currently facing a child custody battle?

Don’t try to take on this daunting legal task on your own. We can match you up with a Columbus child custody lawyer from our team so you can get the advisement that you both need and deserve. We want to make sure your legal rights to see your children are upheld. Contact our team right now to talk about it.

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