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Divorces that include children should not be done without having a Chicago child custody lawyer in the mix. Deciding on custodial arrangements can prompt some of the most difficult issues in a divorce.

Both sides will surely get heated and tempers might flare. That’s why having a Chicago child custody attorney that is skilled in dealing with the fragile nature of custody battles can go a long ways to ensuring the welfare of your child.

When is custody rewarded?

The courts generally decide on custody early on in the divorce proceedings to preserve the general welfare of the children. If you have children, find a divorce attorney with experience as a child custody lawyer in Chicago IL.

If both sides cannot come to an agreement on joint custody, the courts will likely award temporary custody to the party they deem most capable.

Is custody always awarded to the mother?

This is a common myth that revolves around custody battles. While the courts may decide that a child should stay with his or her mother, that’s not always necessarily the case. A child custody attorney in Chicago IL does indeed watch out for their clients, but they also act in the best interests of the child.

What types of custody are there?

Simply put, there are three different types of custody that may be awarded. Your Chicago child custody lawyer will help you decide which one you should pursue:

  • Sole custody: Meaning one spouse has complete custody
  • Joint custody: Both sides share custody
  • Physical custody: Describes the amount of time each side spends with their child

You will want to consult with your Chicago child custody attorney to ensure they are aware of all the conditions surrounding the child’s welfare.

Tempers will undoubtedly flare. But, it is the job of your Chicago child custody lawyer to keep your case on track and to advocate for your rights. Speak with one of our lawyers right now to get a free, insightful consultation. Fill out our online form and submit your information right now.

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