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A qualified Charlotte child custody lawyer can work closely with you when it comes time to assign parental duties for your children. This can be a major point of contention for most divorces, but with the help of our team, you can work to establish an outcome that is best for all children involved.

Our Charlotte child custody attorney team has worked with both mothers and fathers to help them retain their legal right to have access to their children. As your advocates, we want to make sure that you are not locked out from seeing the children that you love so much.

What to remember during a child custody dispute

As an experienced child custody lawyer in Charlotte NC, we bring decades of combined wisdom and insight to the process. This is important in guiding your steps through this sometimes-trying phase of a divorce.

As a child custody attorney in Charlotte NC, we often remind clients that:

  • The top priority for these proceedings is to find a situation that is best for the children involved. A family court judge will make decisions based on the best interests of the child or children.
  • Always avoid letting emotions spiral out of control. As a longtime Charlotte child custody lawyer, we have seen men and women act irrationally, which has an effect on whether or not they receive custody or visitation with their child.
  • Once a custody agreement is place, comply with its parameters. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with it, deviating from the agreement can cause additional problems for you.

Consult with our Charlotte child custody attorney team about your questions and concerns. We’d be happy to guide you moving forward in this very important phase.

To connect now with a Charlotte child custody lawyer, fill out our online form with information about yourself and submit it securely to our team. We will take a look and follow up with you.

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