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Child custody is often the most contentious and one of the central phases of a divorce. A quality Austin child custody lawyer can be a major asset in these situations.

A family law judge will ultimately establish a child custody arrangement based on the best interests of the child. This means that you need an Austin child custody attorney that can effectively highlight the importance of your involvement in the child’s life.

Establishing a clear parenting plan is important

The child custody arrangement that is set forth in your case will be the foundation of your parenting plan. Your child custody lawyer in Austin TX will advise you to comply with the arrangement and build an effective parenting plan around it.

Whether you have sole custody of your child or children, or simply have access via visitation rights, it’s important to work with the other parent to make sure expectations are set in stone.

An Austin child custody lawyer from our team can assist in this process. When there is a firm plan in place, it leaves less room for conflict — which benefits everyone, especially the children.

Work with a compassionate Austin child custody attorney

When you work with our experienced staff, you will be working alongside a child custody attorney in Austin TX that knows the importance of spending time with children.

That’s why we work so hard for our clients. We want them to be able to create those cherished memories with their children, all while best serving their interests and needs.

Talk to an Austin child custody lawyer about your current situation. We know emotions might be running high, but it’s important to maintain a clear head and make responsible decisions during this important legal proceeding. We can help — talk to our team for a free consultation.

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