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boulder car wreck compensation attorneyAre you searching for a Boulder car wreck compensation attorney? Even if you’re aware of road rules, accidents can still happen. Sadly, that means you could suffer a severe injury, pay huge bills, and deal with lost wages. This could leave you in a very difficult situation for years to come if you do not get the assistance you need. 

Car accident injuries

Many car accident victims will have to deal with sky-high medical bills. Although cars have many safety features to keep occupants safe, high speeds can make crashes especially dangerous.  

The following are some injuries that are common in car accidents – spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, whiplash, and organ damage. If you suffered a car wreck-related injury, consult a Boulder car wreck compensation lawyer.

Compensation after a car crash

To receive full compensation, you and your Boulder car wreck attorney will have to determine the monetary value of every single damage. Economic damages include any financial losses associated with the accident. You will need to calculate both actual costs and future expenses that you might incur. For example, you might need surgery for your injuries.

Non-economic damages, meanwhile, include emotional and mental trauma. These can be especially complex because they are intangible. A car wreck compensation attorney Boulder CO can determine the real value of non-economic damages and make sure you’ll receive every cent.

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Dealing with the insurance company

Many insurance companies prioritize profits above everything else. They will do everything they can to avoid paying an expensive settlement. Or they might lowball you, offering an amount that is significantly less than what your claim is worth.

When this happens, you have to fight back to get the compensation that you deserve. If the insurance company won’t budge, your Boulder car wreck attorney can help you take them to court.

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Working with a Boulder car wreck compensation attorney can increase the chance of having a successful claim. For more information, fill out our online form or reach out to us for a free consultation.

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