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During a divorce proceeding, one of the spouses can request to be awarded support, and if you are the one requesting it, talking to our Sugar Land alimony attorneys will be in your best interests. Alimony is typically given to a spouse who doesn’t have any income or needs help with their finances once the divorce has been finalized. Spousal support can be given while the divorce case is still on going. In these situations, you can discuss your options or determine how much you can ask for spousal support with our Sugar Land alimony lawyers. Our attorneys will guide you throughout the process so you will know how this part of the divorce proceeding works.

How Our Alimony Attorneys in Sugar Land TX Can Provide Support

There are certain requirements that must be met before alimony is given to a spouse. For starters, you need to prove that you were married, the length of your marriage, and your financial standing to determine if spousal support and alimony are applicable in your case. If you are not sure where to begin, our Sugar Land alimony attorneys can help you go through your finances to determine if you are eligible or not. Of course, there are other factors to consider too, such as whether your child has a medical condition that requires constant treatment, or if you are incapacitated. Having our Sugar Land alimony lawyers represent you in this case will be to your advantage.

Defend Your Rights to Alimony with Alimony Lawyers in Sugar Land TX

It is understandable that your former partner may contest the idea that you need spousal support during as well as after your divorce proceedings. That said, our Sugar Land alimony attorneys will represent you in this part of your divorce to ensure that your right to financial assistance will be heard and granted too. Contact us today!

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