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san antonio alimony attorneys

The issue of spousal maintenance is a pivotal one in the event of a divorce, which is why San Antonio alimony attorneys can serve as such an important asset. Alimony is awarded to a divorcing spouse that doesn’t have the means to generate the income needed to maintain a fair quality of life.

Amounts owed in alimony are negotiated, and our San Antonio alimony lawyers can make sure a divorcing couple is able to strike a fair deal. We work closely with spouses that are owed money and even those that owe it.

Factors under consideration in an alimony agreement

Alimony attorneys in San Antonio TX are trained to dig through the minute details of a marriage to establish a fair alimony agreement. In these such cases, several things play a factor in the outcome, including:

  • How long the couple was been married
  • Education level of each spouse
  • Professional experience of each spouse
  • Child custody arrangements
  • A spouse’s ability to generate income
  • Disabilities or medical conditions
  • And a lot more

As experienced San Antonio alimony attorneys, we know that alimony is a very effective tool in helping spouses transition back into a single lifestyle without having to suffer a major financial setback. But, we also know that these arrangements must constantly be adjusted and are sometimes abused.

Our San Antonio alimony lawyers are able to petition for modifications to an alimony agreement in addition to addressing any violations in the agreement.

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