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longmont alimony attorneyAlimony may not be an issue in all divorces, but when it becomes a source of contention between ex-spouses, our sharp Longmont alimony attorneys will help resolve the problems.

But, first, what does alimony entail? 

Alimony is the financial payment that is made to a spouse after the event of divorce or legal separation. This is also known as spousal support or rehabilitative alimony to help the spouse who has given up their career to care for the family at home. 

There are two factors to consider when dealing with alimony. One spouse should need genuine support, while the other should have the capacity to give it. Our Longmont alimony lawyers will help negotiate your alimony. 

Our alimony attorneys in Longmont CO will support you in this delicate time. We will answer any relevant questions you have.

Factors to consider when calculating spousal support:

  • Whether the couple was legally married
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Earnings of each spouse
  • Income disparity
  • Child custody

Divorce can be contentious, especially when child custody and spousal support are at issue. Turn to our Longmont alimony attorneys to help with contested divorce or spousal support.

Longmont Alimony Attorneys can help spouses who are seeking alimony:

Our Longmont alimony lawyers will make sure you understand the laws that cover spousal support. Most states include alimony as part of a complaint for a divorce. Our alimony lawyers in Longmont CO will help you petition for alimony and represent your interests in case your spouse does not consent to the request.

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We can also represent spouses who are being pushed to pay spousal support:

Unfair claims can harm not only your future but also the future of your children. We will approach your case aggressively and review your financial history. With facts on our side, we will fight the alimony.

We understand that this is an overwhelming matter. Our Longmont alimony attorneys are experts in this area and know how to deal with a prenuptial agreement, in case you have one.

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