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jacksonville alimony attorneyWhether you are responsible to pay alimony, or on the receiving end of it, our Jacksonville alimony attorneys can benefit you. Our team of legal professionals can be a major asset during the process of negotiating alimony agreements.

Top-notch Jacksonville alimony lawyers are important because alimony agreements are negotiated rather than dictated by pre-determined equations. With the right alimony attorneys in Jacksonville FL by your side, you are able to determine:

  • Amount owed: When determining the amount of alimony, alimony lawyers in Jacksonville FL must consider many factors — length of the marriage, education level of both spouses and earning potential are just a few.
  • How long alimony is to be paid: Jacksonville alimony attorneys also negotiate over how long alimony payments should be made.
  • Special guidelines: Alimony agreements are unique to the two ex-spouses involved. It’s important that you and the Jacksonville alimony lawyers involved anticipate various scenarios and adopt an agreement that explains how they will be dealt with (i.e. the alimony recipient becomes re-married, etc.)

Alimony is a very useful financial resource for spouses that lack professional experience and overall earning potential. These individuals will have a hard time transitioning to a single lifestyle after years of being married and supported financially by a husband or wife.

However, alimony is only effective when it is used fairly. Our alimony lawyers in Jacksonville FL want to make sure that the needs of the financially dependent spouse are being met while the other spouse isn’t unfairly overpaying.

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