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fort collins alimony attorneyMost divorces often involve alimony. Emotions tend to run high when going through a divorce.  To take the pressure off, you should consider the services of Fort Collins alimony attorneys. Our alimony attorneys in Fort Collins CO will help you understand the process and get the right outcome for you.

What Type of Alimony to Pursue?

With the help of Fort Collins alimony attorneys, you can pursue different types of alimony cases. Below are a few types of support.

  • Support during the divorce process. A court might have one party paying support for the other as the divorce proceedings are ongoing.
  • Rehabilitative support is where the lower-earning party is given alimony to help make him or her become self-reliant. In such cases, Fort Collins alimony lawyers will advocate for enough funds crucial for the education and training.
  • Reimbursement support is where one party makes a significant contribution to the other’s education and/or household. The services of alimony lawyers in Fort Collins CO are required to ensure the right amount is awarded.

Factors for Calculating Alimony

Fort Collins alimony lawyers admit alimony cases can be complicated. It is why you need to understand what goes into calculating your alimony amount. Some of the factors a court will consider are listed below;

  • The marriage length
  • The age of both
  • Financial need of the party
  • The health of both
  • The division of the marital property in the divorce
  • Additional factors as set out by law

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Our Fort Collins alimony attorneys will adequately represent you whether you are seeking, or you will be the one paying alimony. With our help, you can expect to pay or receive the appropriate amount of alimony. Keep in mind either party can be eligible for alimony so talk to us today.  

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