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el paso alimony attorneyWhen it comes time in a divorce to negotiate a spousal support agreement, make sure you have experienced El Paso alimony attorneys working on your behalf. These specialized legal professionals will make sure that — no matter what side of the spousal support discussion you fall on — that you can establish a fair, mutually beneficial agreement.

Why is alimony needed in some cases?

As El Paso alimony lawyers, we know that alimony can be a very useful tool in a divorce, even if those responsible to pay it do not necessarily agree. Alimony, or spousal support, is where one spouse makes continued payments to the other following a divorce so that each can establish single lives on even financial footing.

In some cases, spouses leave a marriage with very little professional training, education or earning potential. This might be because they focused on tending to the home or children for the benefit of the marriage.

Alimony allows these individuals to have access to financial resources in order to establish a financially independent life.

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Why do I need El Paso alimony attorneys?

Much of the alimony process is negotiated in front of a judge. You need El Paso alimony lawyers that know this area of divorce well and are able to lobby on your behalf to establish a fair agreement — whether you are responsible to pay alimony or entitled to receive it.

Our alimony lawyers in El Paso TX will examine the details of your marriage — length, earning potential of both spouses, special medical needs, etc. — and use this information to ensure that a fair agreement is installed and maintained.

If you are concerned with spousal support as a part of your divorce, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our El Paso alimony attorneys. We offer free consultations for all potential clients.

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