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detroit alimony attorneyExperienced Detroit alimony attorneys can be a valuable asset when it comes time to negotiate a fair level of spousal support in front of a judge. Alimony is designed to send two divorcing spouses off on fair and even financial footing.

If one spouse chose to sacrifice their professional life for the sake of the family and marriage, they might not be able to transition into a single lifestyle very effectively given their potentially low earning potential and professional experience.

With Detroit alimony lawyers in your corner, both sides of the alimony debate can have sound legal support in their corners. Our team has your best interests at heart, making sure that a fair agreement is put in place and enforced.

Detroit Alimony attorneys can help you plead your case

Spousal support provides judges with a great amount of discretion, meaning that there is a fair amount of negotiating involved. With the right alimony lawyers in Detroit MI on your side, you can have effective advocates pleading your case.

If you are entitled to alimony, our Detroit alimony attorneys will make sure that it is a fair amount, which could potentially cover:

  • Everyday essentials
  • The lifestyle you have become accustomed to under the marriage
  • Professional training or education
  • And more

Our Detroit alimony lawyers will scrutinize the details surrounding your divorce — everything from the length of the marriage to the earning potential or even the medical needs of each spouse. These details are pertinent in making a clear, coherent case for the courts.

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On the other side of the coin, our team works with men and women that owe this form of support and will make sure you are not overpaying or funding an individual that no longer needs it.

Talk to our Detroit alimony attorneys to get started. Our online form allows you to pass along important information about your case to our team. We look forward to reviewing it.

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