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denver alimony attorneySoon after the topic of divorce comes up, you might expect your spouse to bring up alimony. So, what is alimony? Denver alimony attorneys describe alimony as the amount of money the court awards to a spouse as part of continuing support once their marriage is over. Using one of our experienced alimony attorneys in Denver CO, is crucial and will increase your odds of a favorable outcome regarding alimony. Alimony is not supposed to be a punishment to the other spouse, so getting the right amount should be a priority.

How Lawyers Review Alimony

For Denver alimony lawyers to effectively come up with the right figure for your alimony, the client has to provide an accurate picture of their income and expenses. From such information, we can understand how factors are going to change after the divorce process is complete. We also have to keep in mind the ability of their other party to pay the amount. With our Denver Alimony Attorneys on your side disputes and expectations can easily be resolved and met, respectively.

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Factors that Determine Alimony

These factors determine how the court sets the amount of alimony.

  • Length of the marriage – Denver alimony lawyers will advise you on the expected amount you would pay based on the length of the marriage. A marriage of 20 years or more, is regarded as long term. For such a marriage, the spouse might qualify for permanent alimony.
  • Paying ability – as much as you are just based on the term of your marriage, the court also has to consider the ability of the spouse to pay. Alimony lawyers in Denver CO will defend their clients to ensure the final offer is realistic.
  • The need for maintenance – the court also has to consider if there is a need for alimony. If the spouse seeking alimony can handle their expenses, then there is no need for maintenance.

Experienced Denver Alimony Attorneys

Working with our experienced Denver alimony attorneys will ensure you do not get shortchanged in your divorce and subsequent alimony awards. Always give your attorney all the necessary information to provide proper representation.  Fill out our form to get started today.

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