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dallas alimony attorneyPut to work some of the leading Dallas alimony attorneys by contacting our team for help in this often-contentious area of divorce. Alimony is an important tool that allows divorcing spouses to start new, singles lives on even financial footing.

However, due to the fact that alimony terms are negotiated, it’s very important to work with experienced Dallas alimony lawyers that are able to toe the fine line that separates a fair settlement and a spouse that is trying to abuse the system.

Why alimony is important

Alimony, or spousal support, provides financial support for spouses that once relied on their husband or wife during a marriage to meet their money needs. Perhaps a man or woman opted not to work in favor of staying home with children, which is a common scenario.

Alimony is temporary support to help these individuals establish a single life where they can start earning money on their own and support themselves. Alimony attorneys in Dallas TX will look at a variety of factors — education level, professional experience, physical disabilities, length of marriage — to establish terms that are fair to both sides.

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When you work with our Dallas alimony lawyers, you can trust that you are working alongside professionals that have successfully negotiated alimony agreements for a long list of clients.

We comb through the minute details of your case to make sure the agreement is fair. When your situation, or your ex-spouse’s situation, changes, our alimony lawyers in Dallas TX can also work with you to adjust the agreement or file a complaint if the agreement is being violated in some fashion.

It all starts by consulting with our Dallas alimony attorneys. Submit information about yourself and your current situation via our online form and a member of our team will reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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